Are you looking for a wedding DJ for your upcoming wedding? Well, you need someone who can guarantee that the guests have the best time of your life. Here are some of the best qualities of a good wedding DJ Perth.

1. Experience
You need a DJ who has a lot of experience in the wedding industry. Note that, there are many differences between a wedding and other parties. A DJ will play the most important role in determining the tone for the entire evening. With enough experience, a good wedding DJ should know the best way to capture the attention of the guests at the wedding and make sure that everyone has a good time.

2. Preparedness
You need to find a wedding DJ who is properly organized, has the best planning skills and also comes fully prepared. When you’re looking at potential candidates, you need to make a few enquiries. For instance, how is the DJ preparing to host your wedding? Does he/she know enough about the wedding and the DJ equipment to set up? Has the DJ hosted a wedding in the same venue before? Is he/she available prior to the main day for rehearsals to make sure everything goes off perfectly? Find a DJ who can answer these questions objectively to make sure you’re getting the best person for the job.

3. Amazing Personality
During the event, the DJ should be prepared to interact with the crowd, take lots of requests and entertain the guests accordingly. Regardless of whether the DJ is catering to children or the elderly, he/she needs to have an amazing personality. You should look for a DJ who is fun, confident, friendly and entertaining at all times. He/she also needs to have the right attire, preferably one that matches the entire theme of your wedding.

4. Diverse Collection
It’s expected that the guests and the bridal party might have diverse music preferences. Therefore, you need to find a wedding DJ with a diverse collection to match everyone’s preferences. In most wedding parties, the bride and groom have a preferable choice of song for their first dance but the rest of the guests might have requests during the evening. Therefore, the wedding DJ needs to anticipate these needs by bringing a very diverse music library.

With these qualities, you should find the best wedding DJ Perth to make sure your wedding is unforgettable.