2017 will soon be here and it is time for all serious Internet marketers and webmasters to start preparations for their digital marketing strategies for the year. The best place to start is brushing up on your Search Engine Optimization tactics. Use the following tips from experts in SEO Vancouver to get those amazing rankings.

1. Improving Site Speed

In 2017, Google plans to make page speed a key ranking signal. You can take advantage of this fact and achieve good rankings by testing and optimizing your site speed across all devices. It will take time to manually do this, so you should enlist a Vancouver SEO company to help you out.

In addition to the site being fast, it is also important that it is mobile-friendly. Google has announced that it will soon be launching a mobile-first index. This means that websites not optimized for mobile will suffer in terms of both desktop and mobile results.

2. Preparing For Voice Search

Voice search is one of the quickest growing search options and this will probably be the case in 2017. Google is actively pushing for voice to go beyond voice recognition and into voice understanding.

Consequently, some changes will have to be made with respect to: previous searches, location-based context, and context on the basis of frequently use apps, and keyword research on the basis of spoken searches.

The upcoming modifications and growth in popularity of voice search mean that it is important to start preparing your Vancouver business for voice search.

3. Content Density Should Be A Major Point Of Focus

Currently, a good number of websites are posting content that’s as long as possible. They believe that the more the content they have, the better their rankings will be. However, this is far from the truth. The truth is that search engines are actually starting to penalize websites with long, low quality content.

In 2017, it is time to stop focusing on the length of content and start focusing more on content density. Content density is the ‘word per value’ content has. For instance, instead of writing a 2,500 word blog full of repeating ideas and fluff words, try delivering the same value in just 250 words using high-value words. In 2017, the focus should be on quality and not quantity.

Final Thoughts

With the tips from experts in SEO Vancouver discussed here, you literally have nothing stopping you from improving your website’s search engine ranking in 2017. Find a reputable Vancouver SEO company and they will help you with the 3 key areas of focus discussed here.